College Events

As you already know, Green River College is a hub for numerous student activities and events. We have something or the other going on everyday in the college. Thus, it becomes hard to keep track of all the events and programs. The Current thus decided to help you out by featuring some major events and displaying all others on this website.

If you want your event or program to be featured, tell us about it in advance by sending an email to the editor ( Alternatively, you can submit a form online, here. Your email should include the following:

  • Name, date and location of the event,
  • a brief description (about 30-50 words),
  • a detailed description (350 words or less),
  • contact person,
  • an appropriate image, and
  • an RSVP form link (if any).
  • web ads agreement form

However, if you do not want your event to be featured, but still on the website, just send us an email about it. We will make sure to include it in our events page.