ASGRC President Outlines Achievements

Green River College Associates Students President has named hard work, sacrifice and time as tools needed for the successful operations of the next leadership.

Patricia Argie said for the next government to achieve its goals, the leaders must be willing to sacrifice their time and work extra hard to make the college a better place. Speaking to the Current Newspaper over the weekend, Argie said that it is not just about bearing the title but also representing the student body by connecting with administration and the different clubs. “The next leaders will have to work hard, sacrifice a lot and work on time to meet up with their goals,” said Argie. She calls on the various candidates to exercise patience and commitment to lead the students if elected. She added that without hard work, time and sacrifice, her government would not have achieved its goals.

The 18-year-old student leader said that her major achievement since she took office has been discussing and addressing students concerns to the school’s president during the regular Presidential meetings. Argie said, during meetings with the president she puts forth the plights of the students and seeks solutions to their problems. “My greatest achievement is mainly with the presidential meetings, being able to address students concerns to the president”, said Argie. The ASGRC President said her government has also helped in strengthening smooth and effective communication between the student community and faculty; something she said was her major campaign promise. Argie said, though there have been some challenges along the way but the level of communication has improved greatly.

During her leadership, all has not been bread and butter as she outlined conflicting schedule as a major challenge confronting her leadership. She said there has always been conflicting schedules between her class time and attending meetings at the college council “my class time has been conflicting with meetings at the college council”, said Argie.

Moreover, Argie who is an international student at green river, is expected to complete both her high school and Associates degree this year. The political Science major, she said is still being contemplated, as well as the  university to transfer to upon graduation from this institution. She also said she’s not very certain as to whether she will continue to participate in student politics, adding that time might not permit her to do so at the university level. “I am not sure if I will continue to participate in student politics at the university level, I do not know if time will permit me.” said Argie.

Before being the ASGRC 2016-2017 President, Argie has been involved with the student government since Fall of 2015 serving as a Senator in the Public Relations committee. she feels excited having to leave power with her major goals achieved. She then pledges to support the next student body leadership even after graduation. 

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